We are Sexy mathematics


0112 on 3 May ‘08 was the genesis of the first equation that described Sexy Mathematics.  In the university town of Saskatoon, Chief Architect Chris Daviduik and then-drummer Amber Kraft fell in love with the poetry of rational ideas and the Integration EP was born a year later.  With the thick guitars of early Smashing Pumpkins, and the danceability of Of Montreal, Sexy Mathematics’s matrices of sound enraptured the Saskatchewan music scene, sharing the stage with acts like Magneta Lane, The Balconies and Royal Canoe.  The band then set out to discover the largest known transcendental number and shortly thereafter published the album Future Nights, an euphoric rock theorem with Chris Davidiuk, Liz Syrnick on synth and Dylan Smith on drums.  And when the Chief Architect looked out upon his domain, he wept; for there were no more equations to solve.

In ‘13 at 21:34 on the 55th day of the year was the second stage of the band’s thesis:  Relocation.  Our heroes of sonics moved to the cultural mecca of Toronto, and in venues from The Horseshoe to Clinton’s, the band gave tutorials on the art and science of rock, and continued to prosthelytize their discipline of dirty electro-rock for sapiosexuals.  With Sine Sculptress Tab Forsyth, the Chief Architect developed a series of calculations for a sonic vitruvian man and nine months later, gave birth to the album Electronics -- the band’s most celebrated achievement yet.  Charting fourth on the radio stations of learned institutions from Edmonton to Hamilton, Electronics’ slinky, analog synthiness was hailed by indie music critics as reminiscent of Soft Cell and Kraftwerk.

On the 89th day of ‘144:  Regenesis.  The Chief Architect and Sine Sculptress tenured another polymath, Time Divider Matt Aggus.  Using the most complex instrument known to human-kind -- the computer -- Sexy Mathematics is developing their most advanced series of calculations yet:  Exploring the integral calculus of two bodies to unlock the mysteries of conception.  With the passion and power of an orgasm, Sexy Mathematics’ live shows are the latest advancement in the field of coital-geek-rock.

“This electro based outfit very much have their heads screwed on when it comes to their sound. It is easy to identify with, yet it also has layers and texture that collects on each track. The rich vein that they tap into imbues everything with a novel feel that is expertly tracked on each occasion.”